15+ Best Aesthetic Instagram Filters In 2022

Finding the best aesthetic filters on Instagram? I got you. In this post, we are going to look at the 15 most popular and trending Instagram aesthetic filters you can try and post awesome Instagram posts, stories, and now, reels too.

Bored at home sliding through Instagram reels and looking at people’s aesthetic short video content? Well, you can also try it out no? The trend of Aesthetics is on an all-time high right now. In 2022, Highly stylized aesthetic filters typically include pink hues aesthetic filters to deliver a hit of 80s/90s nostalgia or a dark and blurry atmospheric vibe.

So go on with the trend and try out some best Instagram aesthetic filters to make yourself stand strong in the constant flood of trends on social media.

Instagram filters came a long way when it comes to filters. And when we talk about “Aesthetics”, Instagram got it all. Gone are the days when Snapchat used to rule the filters market, Instagram now has all the aesthetic filter needs you might have.

My personal favorite aesthetic IG filters names with links are listed below, so you can check and pick the perfect one for you.

List Of Best Aesthetic Instagram Filters –

1. Cyber glph by @ananas_nemo

This filter vibes with the teenagers like us who relate to Japanese aesthetics and calmness. It is a perfect blend of black and white with purple Japanese text, this filter really impresses me.

Cyber glph filter ig aesthetic
Cyber glph by @ananas_nemo

2. Webcore [1] by @leuvxse

As the name suggests, Webcore gives the effect of the cyber world with the stripe-like texture upfront. It’s really good for people with light skin with black or brunette hair.

Webcore filter ig aesthetic
Webcore [1] by @leuvxse

3. Dark Smile by @skyzzy0

With horizontal lines pattern and a distorted smile clipped on your face, Dark Smile is one of the best filter ig aesthetic selfie effects for people with a different definition of aestheticism on their mind.

Dark Smile filter ig aesthetic
Dark Smile by @skyzzy0

4. Shadow by @atlavrov

Wanna look like a Bad B*tch with aesthetics on their mind? Then Shadow by @atlavrov is a perfect filter ig aesthetic for you.

Shadow ig aesthetic
Shadow by @atlavrov

5. Aesthetic by @cinthia.aulia.sari

Funky music, sunny day, vibes, and this filter combined makes a perfect match to make your day on Instagram full of happiness.

Aesthetic filter ig aesthetic
Aesthetic by @cinthia.aulia.sari

6. Soft Indie Babe by @lilithsfilters

For girls, this one is best to show off some pink blush glamour. If you are looking for an IG filter aesthetic with a pink tint, ‘Soft Indie Babe’ is one of the best if not #1.

Soft Indie Babe filter ig aesthetic
Soft Indie Babe by @lilithsfilters

7. Aesthetic by @nanadusha

The cult classic filter when I think about an Aesthetic filter. This filter is the reason there’s a trend of aesthetic photos on social media.

Aesthetic 2 filter ig aesthetic
Aesthetic by @nanadusha

8. Black&white&blur by @hugodealfredo

If you are looking for a black and white aesthetic filter to click a quick Instagram story, then black&white&blur si the filter I would recommend to you.

black&white&blur filter ig aesthetic
black&white&blur by @hugodealfredo

9. Dreamy Purple by @lilithsfilters

Looking for a mysterious Greek mythology vibe type of effect on your photos? Dreamy Purple is the dream Instagram aesthetic filter for you.

Dreamy Purple filter ig aesthetic
Dreamy Purple by @lilithsfilters

10. Video by @camipalo

A simple filter with a grainy effect to give you a feel of the old Kodak camcorder vibe. For early 2000s nostalgia, this filter will be perfect for you.

Video filter ig aesthetic
Video by @camipalo

11. Static VHS by @camipalo

‘Static VHS’ as the name suggests, provides the effect of classic VHS camera tapes we used to have in the early 2000s. I use it sometimes to feel the good old times.

Static VHS filter ig aesthetic
static vhs by @camipalo

12. Trippy aesthetic by @triutra

This might look like an ordinary pink tint filter but the magic starts when you make videos with it. It gives you a trippy slowed effect. If you want to add velocity edit effect on your reels, then this is the filter for you.

Trippy aesthetic filter ig aesthetic
Trippy aesthetic by @triutra

13. Mute by @navs.navs

The filters’ master @navs.navs is not a stranger on Instagram. His filter ‘Mute’ totally adds a great value while just putting a censored patch on your mouth. So this one is the best aesthetic Instagram filter for story.

Mute filter ig aesthetic
Mute by @navs.navs

14. TokyoVibes by @wtf.yosxx

TokyoVibes IG filter literally defines the meaning of aesthetics in 2022. Its perfectly used pink hue and a bit of softness make it the perfect pink filter you might be looking for in most lighting conditions.

TokyoVibes filter ig aesthetic
TokyoVibes by @wtf.yosxx

15. AESTHETIC BROWN by @satriabenii

Aesthetic+Brown is your need? Then this filter will be sufficient for you. It highlights the browns and gives you a good dark shade with a bit of grainy touch.

AESTHETIC BROWN filter ig aesthetic
AESTHETIC BROWN by @satriabenii

16. Aesthetic by @fernandofreiitas

Sometimes we don’t always need filters to express ourselves. This one filter IG background aesthetic is for clicking pictures of the surroundings and objects. It also has a border of random pics that totally enhances the overall picture.

Aesthetic 3 filter ig aesthetic
Aesthetic by @fernandofreiitas

Closing Out

Well, all these Instagram aesthetic filters can be found on Instagram and are so easy to use. I would suggest using them on a good smartphone like iPhone or an Android flagship to get the maximum output.

We will provide you with all types of filters on Instagram frequently and you can chill at home while checking out our filters. Till then, keep creating aesthetic content on Instagram, and remember – YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

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