16+ Best Cute Instagram Filters In 2022

What’s the difference between a dull photo and a stunning one? A filter! And these cute Instagram filters will help you cover your journey from dull to stunning in the best way possible.

Say Goodbye to the boring and tedious photos as these amazing filters will change your appearance altogether. We have got some amazing ideas for you and your stories, so get ready!

Instagram is one of the most amazing social media apps I have used and to be honest, the ease of using this app and the ultimate features it provides to make your social personality shine has to be the reason.

Do you know what changed the game for? The AR filters on Instagram! Because of them, Instagram stories have gained more popularity and relevance among the community than ever.

Today, thousands of filters are available on the canvas to be tried out. But, if you have no idea what you are looking for, you might have a lot of searching to do which can be very frustrating.

But don’t worry, as we are here to take you through to what you seek using this cute Instagram filters guide. Get ready to find your favorite filter in the next few minutes as you go through these 17 cute Instagram filters that I personally recommend!

Here’s our list of cute Instagram filters that you must try out. Hop on or you’ll miss out on something very special!

1. The Little Mermaid

If you dreamed of being a classy and cute princess like The Little Mermaid, then this filter is for you. Try it out and see yourself in the amazing avatar.

The Little Mermaid Filter

Use The Little Mermaid

2. In the clouds

This filter brings some adorable clouds to your face and makes the overall look very charming. It is a very simple yet so subtle effect that you must try.

In The Clouds Instagram filter

Use In The Clouds Filter

3. Snow White

This cute Instagram filter brightens your skin and makes your lashes stand out. However, there isn’t heavy make-up, but still enough to make you a dazzling princess.

Snow White Filter

Use Snow White Filter

4. Foxy Eyes

Wanna have a filter that plays with your eyes? Then “Foxy eyes” is the right fit for you. Makes your eyes sparkle like a diamond and adds a smooth glow to your lovely face.

Foxy Eyes Filter

Use Foxy Eyes Filter

5. Cute baby face

This filter brings out that cute little baby face of yours and adds extra smoothness to the skin just like a baby.

Cute baby face instagram filter

Use Cute baby face filter

5. Butterflies

Who doesn’t love butterflies? The butterflies filter gives you a glow-up while making a gorgeous butterfly circle around your face. Everything adds up to perfection!

Butterfly Instagram filter

Use Butterfly Filter

6. Daisy & Mary

As the name goes, this cute Instagram filter adds daisy and mary to your cheeks! You can enjoy the look of a delightful covering of beautiful flowers and a slight make-up effect on the cheeks.

Daisy & Mary Filter

Use Daisy & Mary Filter

7. Sad Cutie

This Instagram filter combines cuteness with simplicity. Along with smoothing your skin, this also adds a charming hello kitty band-aid on your nose. Check this out.

Sad Cutie Filter

Use Sad Cutie Filter

8. CRY baby

As you know by the name, this filter will add a couple of drops of tears to your cheeks. Along with that, it also puts on a fine mascara finish to your upper lashes and a bit of whitening texture to the overall face.

CRY baby filter

Use CRY baby Filter

9. love 1.0

If you wanna set your Instagram stories up, you should try the Love 1.0 filter. Along with light makeup, this filter provides some delightful characters including some cartoon flower patterns that appear all over your face.

Love 1.0 filter

Use Love 1.0 Filter

10. Bear Love

Do you love bears? Well then, here is a must-try filter for you. The Bear Love Instagram filter gives you a very fresh skin texture and a bunch of bears all over your face to make you look cute.

Bear love filter

Use Bear Love Filter


If you want to see perfection in your upper lashes, some faux freckles on your cheeks, light make-up touch, and blueish eyes then you will love this filter.

LIL BOSS Instagram filter

Use LIL BOSS Filter

12. LiL BB Butterfly

Here’s another cute Instagram filter with butterflies. This filter softens your skin, works on your lashes, and adds beautiful butterflies below your left eye and above your right eye.

LiL BB Beautiful Filter

Use LiL BB Beautiful Filter

13. B’Love

This Instagram filter gives your face a glow along, some noticeable make-up, and an adorable red lipstick. Also, adds cute little red hearts over your forehead.

B'Love Filter

Use B’Love Filter


Some say simplicity is best and this filter proves it! Charming make-up along with some rosy cheeks, and red shade lipstick make the perfect combination for cuteness.



15. Cute Barbie Face

As the name suggests, this filter brings out the barbie in you! It creates an overall doll face with some big eyes, barbie red lips, and cute heart-shaped glasses. Give it a go if you want something cool!

Cute Barbie Face Filter

Use Cute Barbie Face Filter

16. Glow up

Yes, this filter lives up to its name and glows you up altogether. If you want to try out a filter with heavy make-up effects but still maintains the proper look and doesn’t get bulky, this is the one to go for.

Glow Up Filter

Use Glow Up Filter

17. dreamy summer

This one is the last of our list of cute Instagram Filters. Dreamy Summer does everything to make you look splendid like Lightly tanned skin, bright eyes, and three beautiful butterflies on your nose and cheeks.

dreamy summer filter

Use dreamy summer filter

And Finally,

You have reached the end of this list of cute Instagram filters that you must try! I hope you liked our post and more so, liked the filters I listed above. I have used a lot of them actually and loved them from the get-go!

This is where my advice ends and your experience starts. Use the filters and comment below how was your experience. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to put them in the comments too!

Until next time gorgeous. Bye-bye!

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