Best Dark Academia Filters And Presets In 2022

Dark Academia filters really describe the personalities of many people. If you are also looking for the best Dark Academia filters, then you are at the right place at right time.

What is Dark Academia Aesthetic?

Dark Academia is a well-known intellectual aesthetic centered on classic literature, self-discovery, and a general desire for knowledge and study. It’s one of the numerous variations on the Academia style, each with its own concentration on a specific subject. Dark Academics is the term used to describe those that adopt this style.

The Dark Academia style is heavily influenced by 1930s and 40s fashion, particularly attire worn by students at Oxbridge, Ivy League colleges, and prep schools during the time.

What is Dark Academia Filter?

Dark Academia filter is an effect that gives out a feeling of attraction to romanticize education and life situations. The colors black, beige, dark brown, forest green, dark orange, cream, gold, and burgundy are used in almost all the Dark Academia filters.

List Of Best Dark Academia Filters And Presets Available Online –

Here I will share with you the best Dark Academia Filters, Presets, and Settings for VSCO, Instagram, Snapchat, and Lightroom. I have added my own pictures for VSCO and Lightroom examples, and the pictures are taken on an iPhone 12. So you can say that this is the best Dark Academia Filters for iPhone guide too.

Best Dark Academia VSCO Filters/Presets

VSCO is the all-time best photo editing tool for many of us, so here are some VSCO Dark Academia preset settings you can use. I’m attaching my own photo example of each preset setting to give you real-time results. You can also consider them as the best Dark Academia VSCO Filters for iPhone.

1. Dark Academia VSCO 1

Preset: A4 / Analog+12.0
Tone: Highlights+5.6
Dark Academia VSCO 1

2. Dark Academia VSCO 2

Preset: A4 / Analog+12.0
Tone: Highlights+8.2
Skin Tone+1.7
Dark Academia VSCO 2

3. Dark Academia VSCO 3

Preset: M5 / Mood+9.6
Tone: Highlights+9.0
Tone: Shadows+1.4
Skin Tone-2.1
Dark Academia VSCO 3 1

4. Dark Academia VSCO 4

Preset: DOG1 / Isle of Dogs+12.0
Tone: Highlights+8.1
Tone: Shadows+2.3
Dark Academia VSCO 4

Best Dark Academia Instagram Filters

As you know Instagram is topping the charts of the social media photo filters industry. So here are some of the coolest Instagram Dark Academia filters you can use for posts, stories, and reels too!

1. Dark Academia by @filter.mania

Looking for a Dark Academia Instagram filter with an urban feel to it? Then this one is made for you!

Dark Academia by @filter.mania
Dark Academia by @filter.mania

2. Dark Academia | by @chasiteyy

Old memories with happy days… This filter reminds me of the days in the past.

Dark Academia | by @chasiteyy
Dark Academia | by @chasiteyy

3. < dark academia > by @ctrl.vd

A classic Dark Academia filter with a rugged feel, I’m saving this one for sure.

dark academia 2 filter
< dark academia > by @ctrl.vd

4. Dark Academia by @domenicomataluna

Not too brown, still feels academic…

Daek Academia by @domenicomataluna
Dark Academia by @domenicomataluna

5. dark academia. by @lonerlune

With a shifting blur, this one is for people with a unique taste in dark brown color filters.

dark academia. by @lonerlune
dark academia. by @lonerlune

6. | DARK ACADEMIA | by @_dani.ali

This one shows the current day and date in a classy style, purely made as a perfect Dark Academia filter for Instagram stories.

| DARK ACADEMIA | by @_dani.ali
| DARK ACADEMIA | by @_dani.ali

Best Dark Academia SnapChat Filters

Snapchat also got some Dark Academia effects you can choose if you are looking for some Dark Academia Snapchat filters. Links with demos are below if you want the bests of them.

1. Dark academia by Under25 PresidencyUniversity

Dark academia by Under25 PresidencyUniversity snapchat

2. Dark Academia by Wenstrades 🥀

Dark Academia by Wenstrades 🥀

3. Dark Academia by Jay Martinez

Dark Academia by Jay Martinez

4. Dark academia by Izabele

Dark academia by Izabele

5. Dark Academia by Harsukh

Dark Academia by Harsukh

How to use Dark Academia Lightroom Presets?

It is very easy to download Dark Academia Lightroom Presets to use on your phone. Just follow the steps given below –

Steps to use Lightroom Presets on Android or iOS –

Step 1: Simply click on “Preset Download Link” to get your free dark academia Lightroom preset.
Step 2: This will open the Google Drive preset file on Drive App.
Note – Do not worry if the DNG thumbnails look broken, they are all OK!
Step 3: For iOS: Tap on three dots on the top right corner and select the “Open in” option > select “Save to Files”. Save it to your desired folder location.
For Android: Tap on three dots on the top right corner and select “Download”.
Step 4: Open the Lightroom Mobile app. If you don’t have it yet, download it for free in the
App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).
Step 5: Click on the blue button at the bottom right. This will launch your Camera Roll.
Step 6: Select the .dng preset you downloaded earlier to import, then open it.
Step 7: Click on the 3 dots at the top right > Select Create Preset.
Step 8: Name the preset and select a Preset Group. Then tap .
Step 9: Now open the photo you want to edit and apply the preset from the bottom menu. Enjoy!

Best Dark Academia Lightroom Presets –

Here are some Dark Academia Lightroom presets you can download. I have also added my own pictures using the presets so you can know how will they look in advance. You can also consider them as the best Dark Academia Lightroom presets for iPhone.

1. Dark Academia LR Preset 1

Dark Academia Preset 1

2. Dark Academia Preset 2

Dark Academia Preset 2

3. Dark Academia Preset 3

dark academia lightroom preset 6

4. Dark Academia Preset 4

Dark Academia Preset 3

5. Dark Academia Preset 5

Dark Academia Preset 4

6. Dark Academia Preset 6

Dark Academia Preset 5


Dark Academia is an aesthetic that is in trend for its classic, old, dark vibes. If you are a fan of classic vintage visuals, then Dark Academia is just for you.

Hush! So I have made a complete guide here for Dark Academia filters on the most popular platforms like VSCO, Instagram, Snapchat, and Adobe Lightroom. I hope you like these effects and use them on your phone and pictures.

Let me know in the comments if you face any problems or queries related to Dark Academia filters or presets. Till then, keep your social status high with classy-looking dark academia!

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