10 Best Chad Filters | GigaChad Filters On Instagram & Snapchat

Are you looking for the best Gigachad filters on social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok? Then your search end here at the right time. I will list all the best Giga Chad filters on all the social media platforms, so you can also join this “GigaChad” meme’s cult.

What is GigaChad Filter?

GigaChad filter is a special face effect filter that adds exceptional effects to your face like a solid manly jawline, perfectly smooth hairline, and evenly proportioned ears. Gigachad filters are made to make you a part of this GigaChad meme’s hypermasculine culture so you can also have some gags.

How To Use Gigachad/Chad Filters?

It is very easy to use Chad filters for your face on your smartphone, just follow the steps and you’re done –

Step 1: Tap on the favorite filter link you want.
Step 2: Now you will be redirected to the app of the filter you selected(Instagram, Snapchat, or Tiktok).
Step 3: Now, directly use the filter with your phone camera.
Step 4: Alternatively, you can also use an existing photo to use the filter on that.
Step 5: Click the photo or make a video, then share as a story, a post, an IG reel, or as a TikTok video. That’s it.

Best Giga Chad Filters on Instagram

Instagram is full of Gigachad filters as it is trending to make reels on it, so here are some of the best Instagram GigaChad filters –

1. GIGACHAD by @mxm.j3

The most popular one and currently trending is GIGACHAD made by @mxm.j3.

Giga Chad instagram filter 1
GIGACHAD by mxm.j3

2. Gigachad by @leviathxxn

If you are looking for a Gigachad Instagram filter for making memes, this one’s for you!

GIGACHAD instagram filter 2
Gigachad by @leviathxxn

3. CHAD by @meta_gems

Wanna look like a Chad but in a softer and cute way? This one definitely will fit you the best.

Giga Chad instagram filter 3
CHAD by @meta_gems

4. Front Facing Chad by @ghoatsly

For the OG Chad meme template fans, this one does the justice.

Giga Chad instagram filter 4
Front Facing Chad by @ghoatsly

Best Giga Chad Filters on Snapchat

Snapchat has a more range of Chad filters when compared to Instagram. So you can also make Chad videos using Snapchat and share them on any other platform like Instagram or Tiktok. Here are some of my favorite Giga Chad Snapchat filters –

1. Giga Chad by Eric Pinto

An excellent GigaChad filter that most people are using. You can use it if you want to follow the trend.

Giga chad Snapchat Filter 1

2. GigaChad by Brielle Garcia

With great animation and AI work, this Gigachad filter really works well with its high AR adaptability with your face.

Giga chad Snapchat Filter 2

3. BW CHAD by umut

One of the best Chad filters with black & white color.

Giga chad Snapchat Filter 3

4. The Chad by Nick 🌴

Cool and funky Chad filter with sunglasses for the boys in high school to send funny snaps to their friends.

Giga chad Snapchat Filter 4

5. Chad by Ben

This is an exceptional AR Chad filter that projects the classic Chad embodiment to any floor or flat surface.

Giga chad Snapchat Filter 5

6. ABSOLUTE CHAD by Jeff Jefferson

For the meme lovers, this is a Chad template filter to stick a cutout of classic chad’s face onto your face.

Giga chad Snapchat Filter 6


So these were all the Chad or Gigachad filters from the most popular social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat. You can use these Chad filters for absolutely free without any cost. I hope you like these effects and use them on your face and videos.

Let me know in the comments if you face any problems or queries related to Giga Chad filters. Till then, keep your social status Meme’ic with dank Chad filters!

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